Presentics is a brand new approach to creating and delivering multimedia presentations on your iPad. This tutorial focuses on creating presentations with Presentics, and it aims to get you familiar with some of the unique designs in Presentics.

Creating a new presentation

When you first launch Presentics, you’ll see the Library view. You can create a new presentation by tap the “+” button at the upper right corner, and filling out the necessary information such as title, subtitle and author name of the new presentation.

The Library View

The Present Mode

Once you get into a presentation, you’ll be in the Present mode. This mode allows you to start the presentation slideshow from the beginning, or tap on any text or attachment item to quickly show the selected content.

A new presentation

Designed to show content and avoid accidental edits, the Present mode does not let you make changes to your presentation. More details about this Present mode will be covered in a separate article.

Adding new text sections

In order to create new text slides, you need to switch to the Edit mode (in the sidebar).

The Edit Mode

Once you are in the Edit mode, tap the super-sized “+” button to create a new text section. Each text section has a title and a note area. Text sections will be displayed as “slides” during your presentation. Therefore, you should create a text section for each point you’d like to talk about during your presentation.

Adding a new text section

Presentics is all about being simplistic. Therefore, you have a limited selection of text formatting options. In addition, you do have the ability to adjust the slide layout. Tap on the second icon in the control strip on the left to reveal and select the best one for the current slide. You can also tap on the “Eye” icon to preview the current text section in slide mode.

You can also re-order text sections by dragging and dropping the “up-down” arrow icon int he control strip.

Adding new images & other multimedia elements

The ability to embed all kinds of multimedia elements is a highlight feature for Presentics. Images, videos, documents, web links, and even streaming media such as Youtube, Vimeo and SoundCloud clips, can all be easily added to your presentation.

All media items are considered as “attachments” to text sections. In order to add media items, simply locate the desired text section, and tap the “Add New” button in the Attachments section. This will bring up the media picker, which allows you to embed items from the internet, or from your personal data sources, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, and Microsoft Sky Drive, etc.

Media picker

  • Images – this allows you to do an internet search of images via Google.
  • Youtube – this allows you to do a video search on Youtube.
  • SoundCloud – this section lets you do a search of audio clips from SoundCloud.
  • Vimeo – this section lets you do a search of video clips from Vimeo.
  • Search box – this section allows you to type any search keyword to search via Google, or type in a domain name to visit the desired web address. If you wish to embed web search results or certain webpages, this is the way to go.
  • Your Stuff – this section allows you to import anything that’s stored in your cloud storage. A wide range of service providers is supported, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive and more.

You can add as many attachments to a text section as you need. All these attachments will be readily accessible during your presentation. More on this will be covered in a separate article.

Setting images as backgrounds for text sections

By default, all text sections will have the same black text on white background visual design during your presentation. But you can certainly set an image as the background of the text slide. To do so, you need to first add the desired image as an attachment to the text section. Then, tap on the image item in the Attachments column, and tap on “Set as Slide Background” button. By doing so, this image will become the background image of the current text slide.

Setting as slide background

In order to make the text legible on both your iPad screen and the external display or projector, Presentics will automatically analyze the image portion that will be shown under the text. If the image has a potential of reducing the readability, Presentics will automatically blur that portion of the image to enhance the reading experience. This is all completed automatically, and no user intervention is needed.

Background image with blurred text bg

Tip: You can use the Slide Layout setting to move the text around the slide for optimal appearance.

Setting an image as the cover image

Similar to the section above, you can also set an image as the cover image for your current presentation. This image will be used in the cover screen of your presentation (what you see by tapping the Start button in Present mode), as well as the cover image of this presentation in the Library view.

The Library View with Cover Image

This concludes this brief hands-on tutorial on creating presentations with Presentics. Another tutorial article will be posted to focus more on delivering presentations successfully using Presentics.